Cryptact Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Co-Chairman: Gaku Saito and Amin Azmoudeh) announces that it has updated its corporate identity (CI) and changed its company name to pafin, Inc. In conjunction with the name change, the corporate logo, brand design, corporate website, and service website have been fully redesigned.

Leveraging technology, we will develop various services in the areas of crypto assets (crypto currency), finance, and investment in order to solve the burdens and difficulties required of individuals in the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) world. 

New Company Name
pafin Inc. (former Cryptact Ltd.)

■Effective Date
June 1st, 2022

■New Corporate Logo



Pafin takes its name from the rare seabird which lives on rugged coastal cliffs and windswept, uninhabited islands across the globe. As a bird symbolizing freedom, it is an agile flyer as well as a natural freediver, capable of plunging 50m below the surface to catch its main source of food: fish. In the same free and versatile way, Pafin is an agile and highly capable software company which provides tech-driven services in the areas of Crypto, Finance, and Investment.

■Message from CEO Amin Azmoudeh and Gaku Saito
We believe that peer-to-peer transactions will expand to include not only the buying and selling of assets and goods, but also the exchange of services, information, ideas, experiences, and communities. In the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) world, self-responsibility is the cornerstone of interaction, and matters that used to be handled by marketplace organizers and administrators are conducted by the participants themselves. Just as technology has made peer-to-peer transactions possible, we hope to use technology to provide tools to solve the burdens and difficulties required of individuals in the P2P world.
With this in mind, our company was established in January 2018 as a Fintech company. Cryptact, the automatic profit and loss calculation service for crypto assets that we have been providing since our establishment, has been used by a total of over 100,000 individual investors. We have also been quick to respond to the recent expansion of DeFi (decentralized finance) trading, and provide support for profit and loss calculations, portfolio management, and tax returns for crypto assets in Japan and overseas.
The company has decided to change its name because it is looking to develop a variety of services in the areas of finance and investment in addition to crypto assets.
With the growth of each service and the expansion of the number of users, we have decided to fully renew our services in order to quickly respond to the needs of users of each service and to provide a more convenient UI. Services related to financial and market information such as stocks and the investment SNS "Ideabook" that were previously provided on "Cryptact" will now be provided on the newly launched financial information platform "Fintact". In addition to disseminating information on stocks, currency exchange, crypto assets, and other financial information to individual investors, Fintact will also provide analysis of listed companies by securities analysts. Also as a service for corporate clients, it will provide "Open1on1," a PR tool to support IR activities of listed companies.
Cryptact will continue to provide specialized services in the area of crypto assets, focusing on profit-and-loss calculations for crypto assets and tax return support services.
In addition, we intend to continue to develop various businesses, such as promoting research and development in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and private companies, in order to promote the spread of blockchain and the development of its technology.
We appreciate your continued support for pafin, Inc.

■Service websites 
Crypto-asset profit and loss calculation service “Cryptact” URL: 
Financial information platform “Fintact”

■Company Information
Company Name: pafin Inc
Date Founded: January 2018
Rep. Directors: Amin Azmoudeh, Co-CEO / Gaku Saito, Co-CEO
Location: Kojimachi HF Building 5F, Kojimachi 3-2-4, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan 102-0083

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